Sewer backups are an emergency.  Raw sewage is a biohazard as it can contain many diseases, bacteria, and microorganisms.  You will need a professional in as quickly as possible to clean and decontaminate the area.  The longer sewage is in your home the greater the risk is for serious illness among those in your household.  The cost of the repairs and restoration will also mound up quickly.  Rooter-Man is available 24/7 for emergencies such as sewer backups.  We will arrive quickly to contain the mess and minimize the damage as much as possible.

Rooter-Man provides snaking services that can clear your main sewer line.  If you are noticing issues such as sewage smells, multiple clogs, gurgling sounds, slow drains, or water backing up into the bathtub you should immediately have it checked by a professional before you end up with sewage flooding into your home.  A drain snake auger can be inserted into the drain and will be able to remove the blockage.


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