What Is Interior Waterproofing?

Interior waterproofing is the alternative method of waterproofing your home. Although it is not technically waterproofing, it is water management. This is because it does not prevent the water from entering but it manages any water that does get inside. It is extremely effective and will do the job of keeping your basement dry. It can be used when exterior waterproofing is not an option. Many times, especially in the Toronto area, homes can be too close in proximity to excavate the outside foundation walls. Also, there can be cases where hydro-static pressure or the type of soil will not allow for exterior waterproofing. It has a couple of other advantages as well. For one, it can be more economical. Usually interior waterproofing does not cost as much as the exterior method. Also, your landscaping will not be affected as no exterior excavation is required.

What Does Interior Waterproofing Consist Of?

Interior waterproofing consists of a drainage system that will direct the water into a sump pump. A small trench will need to be dug out from the interior basement walls. A sump pump will be placed in the lowest area and will be connected to newly installed weeping tile. A gravel layer is then put over the weeping tile and a layer of concrete over that will cover up the trench. All of the water that enters the basement will be collected into the sump pump and pumped away from the home before it has the chance to do any kind of damage.

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