Video inspection for plumbing services

Using this modern technology, Rooter-Man can get a good look inside your pipes without needing to dig them up and take them apart. By using the video, the technician can see the condition of the pipes and determine what is causing the issue. This video technology can save you a lot of money as it is completely non-destructive and much less labour intensive. Rooter-Man can get to the bottom of the problem quickly and accurately using this newer technology.

How is the video inspection done?

Our technicians at Rooter-Man will use a high-resolution camera and lights mounted on a camera tractor. The camera is lowered into the pipe and the technician will operate the tractor down the length of the pipe. The lights are essential so that it is possible to see and the camera is durable, waterproof and can easily maneuver around tight spaces and corners. Our techs are experts and will analyze the data in real time. Video technology will allow for an accurate assessment to be made of any damage or even or any possible future problems. Repairs can be made accordingly.

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What kind of problems can video pipe inspections find?

This method can accurately find a large range of problem such as:

Root intrusion
Grease and mineral buildup
Corrosion or breakage
Potential weak points

It is a good idea to have your pipes checked regularly to ensure that everything is looking good. This allows you to deal with any small problems that you may have not known about before they become serious. Video pipe inspections are very cost efficient. We can also record the inspection and make copies. These would be available for your insurance company if required.

Rooter-Man has top quality equipment for pipe inspections. Give us a call and we will accurately get to the root of your pipe problems.

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