Rooter-Man is here for all of your septic system when it comes to regular inspections and pumping.  It is mandatory to keep up with regular maintenance of your septic system in order to avoid expensive repairs and horrible messes.  It is also important to ensure the health and safety of you and your family as well as the environment.  When sewage backs up or is leaking out from tank it can be very hazardous.  Rooter-Man has been dealing with septic systems for many years.  We will ensure that your septic system is completely up to current building code.

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Be sure to take simple precautions to avoid problems with your system.  Foreign objects should never be flushed down the toilet.  Items like diapers, feminine products, plastics, and cigarette butts can cause clogs as they are not able to dissolve.  Also, grease, soaps and many household cleaners can cause problems.  This is because they cause the soil around the drain field to harden and therefore can no longer adequately absorb liquid.  This can cause the wastewater to back up into the septic tank or your home.

Septic systems should be inspected and pumped out every 2-5 years depending on how large the tank is and how many people live in your home.  Around the 3-year mark is usually ideal, try not to leave it to the later end.  You do not want to be in a situation where something major happens and you have no choice but to call in for emergency help.  By taking care of your septic system and having it inspected you can greatly reduce the risk of a serious problem occurring that needs massive repair work and will cost you a hefty amount.

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