Pipe Relining

If you are looking for a pipe relining service, look no further! Rooter-Man specializes in this. We provide trenchless rehabilitation services. There are several methods which can be used, and our technicians will advise you of the best one for your home’s specific needs. Trenchless methods use new technologies that allow the work to be completed with very minimal excavation.
The trenchless rehabilitation methods of pipe relining are pipe bursting, cured in-place piping, slip lining and thermoformed pipe lining.


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Pipe Bursting
A bursting head is inserted into the pipe line and breaks the old pipe part as it pulls a new pipe behind it.

Cured In-Place Piping
A resin coated tube is inserted into the damaged line. When the resin hardens it forms a new pipe inside of the old one.

Slip lining
A new smaller sized pipe is placed into the old pipe. The space between them is grouted and the ends are sealed.

Thermoformed Pipe Lining
A liner is placed inside of the old pipe. Pressure and heat is then applied to expand it to fit the host pipe.

Why Reline Pipes and Not Replace Them

  • Damaged pipes can be fixed without needing to excavate.
  • Reline pipes can normally last for over 50 years.
  • Much more cost efficient than replacing.
  • Eco-friendly since old pipes are not being put in landfills.


Rooter-Man has the right method of pipe relining for you. With our trenchless rehabilitation technology, we will have your pipes in tiptop shape!

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