Need a Garbage disposal system installed?

If you have a garbage disposal that you need to have installed, Rooter-Man can help. We will install customer supplied garbage disposals. Garbage disposals are meant for chopping up food waste into very tiny pieces so they can easily move through the plumbing without creating clogs.

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Garbage Disposal Maintenance

Here are some tips to help keep your garbage disposal in good condition.

  • Always use cold water while grinding.
  • Do not run fat, grease, or fibrous food waste through such as potato skins. They will cause clogs.
  • Occasionally put some ice into the unit and run it to help keep it clean.
  • Do not overfill it and grind everything at once. If you have lots of food waste, do a bit at a time.
  • Do not expect it to be an actual garbage. Never put paper towels, plastics, or anything else besides food waste into the disposal.

Rooter-Man will be sure to have your garbage disposal installed correctly and quickly!

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