Do your floor drains need to be repaired?

Are they backing up? If so Rooter-Man offers full floor drain repair services. We have 40+ years of dealing with every type of floor drain problem. Our expert technicians will be able to find the cause and resolve it promptly. Floor drains are located at the lowest point in the floor. The flooring slopes around it to guide the water into the drain. They are common in basements, laundry rooms, garages, kitchens, restrooms, and swimming pools.

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Common Problems with Floor Drains

Clogged floor drains

  • Sludge over time builds up in the floor drain pipes and can cause a clog. Pieces of debris or foreign objects can also create a clog. It is a good idea to place a strainer over the top of the floor drain to prevent anything from entering it.
  • Some signs of a clog can be a sewage smell or puddles appearing around the floor drain.

Drain pipe breaks.

  • Cracks and breaks can occur from regular wear and tear over the years.


  • Floor drain pipes can become crystallized which can eventually block the drain. This can be caused by soaps, grease, urine, and sugary liquids.

Rooter-Man can diagnose and repair any type of floor drain problem! Trust us to get your floor drain running smoothly once more!

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