Five Fast Fixes for Common Plumbing Problems

March 12th, 2019

Plumbing problems are common and sometimes inevitable, as everyday use can take a toll on your plumbing fixtures. That being said, not all plumbing problems are considered a plumbing emergency that requires the attention of a professional plumber. Sometimes, fast fixes are enough to help you deal with simple and manageable plumbing woes – at least until you are able to seek the help of an expert plumber:

  1. A Dripping Tap –Trillions of gallons of water get wasted around the world because of household leaks. This is how common dripping faucets are. Fortunately, there are quick fix solutions to help you reduce water wastage. Dripping faucets are often caused by faulty parts like washers, valve seats, and cartridges. Replacing these parts is a fairly simple task and can very well solve your drippy problem.
  2. Low Water Pressure – Weak water pressure is another plumbing problem that can easily be fixed by removing any build-up and debris inside of the pipes. Lime scale buildup is quite common in plumbing systems and there are safe products that you can use in order to flush them out effectively.
  3. Drain Clogging – Clogged drains are fairly easy to get rid of through the use of drain cleaners. However, there are times when you may need to take your drainpipes apart in order to locate pain points. While this can be easy to do with a spanner, you can always call your trusted plumber Burlington if you are unsure about your next steps.
  4. Clogged Toilet – A clogged toilet can be the most annoying plumbing problem to have, but may be easily solved with a good old plunger or perhaps a snake to help loosen up whatever is blocking the passage.
  5. Running Toilet –A plumbing issue that is just as annoying as a clogged toilet is a running one. Even worse, running toilets waste a lot of water. Fortunately, the running can easily be stopped by replacing faulty tank parts like a broken toilet flapper, fill valve, or leak flush valve, all of which are pretty easy to figure out and replace.

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